Character Interview: Peace

SN: Hey, so it’s been a while since I last interviewed someone, and this time I managed to get Peace in for one!

Peace: Hola, what’s up guys?

SN: So, Peace, what’s your favorite thing about being a part of Zeta Squad?

P: Besides being able to fight beside my best friends, showing the dudes how it’s done, and see who gets to the lunch hall first? Angel and Shiloh, the fact that we’re all literally triplets, is my favorite thing.

SN: And why is that?

P: Because they’re more than just my best friends. They’re my sisters. We’ve been through everything together. We could’ve ended up on different squads that were sent to different sides of the world, or even the galaxy, but we weren’t, which is pretty bomb to me.

SN: If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

P: Well, I’d change the whole world’s idea of what clones are really like. Everywhere I go, if they know I’m a clone, they treat me like trash, except the ones that I’m trying to save.

SN: What’s been your favorite thing about having the guys be put on your team?

P: Well, kicking Tison’s butt is pretty awesome, taping Sueasider and Vermaculin to the ceiling has been so cathartic, Garn and Dude are fun to play video games with, and Daddyway is like the dad I always wished I had.

SN: What’s your back story? I mean, we all know that you were brought up by the military to follow orders, kill, and be the best soldier you possibly could be, but what made you who you are today?

P: *sigh* It happened during an air raid in Atlanta, Georgia. All of these kids were trapped in a house with no way to get out. I couldn’t get them out without disobeying the orders that the El Tee had given me. His orders were to take down the enemy, no matter what the cost. But our first objective was to evacuate everybody else out.

SN: So it was between getting shot for disobeying the lieutenant’s orders, or getting shot for disobeying the Higher Up’s orders.

P: Exactly. I had about a split second to decide, and I realized, at least lives would be saved. Sacrificing my life for theirs was fine with me. So, I did it. I got those kids out and ended up being put on Zeta Squad after that.

SN: So it worked out fine in the end.

P: Yep. Even though I might act one way, like completely un-peaceful, that’s all I really want. Peace.

SN: Is there anything else we should know about you?

P: Yeah. If Tison ever tries to drop a water balloon on my head when I walk through the door again, I will shoot him. Peace out!


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Character Interview: Dude

Sonya Noble: You know, for a kind of laid-back guy, you’re extremely hard to track down! And when I finally do find you, you almost drop-kick me into the floor!!!!!

Dude: *smiling sheepishly* It’s the laid-back guys you’ve got to watch out for.

SN: So, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

D: Be my guest.

SN: Why did you join up with the army?

D: Well, before, I was living on the streets. I had to eat out of dumpsters, sleep in cardboard boxes, .fight over every scrap of food I got, and avoid all of the gangstas with the stolen guns and knives. One day I watched some dudes in army fatigues walking through gang territory. They were being followed by five or six gangstas with wooden bats. Well, when the gangstas attacked, they were totally and brutally beaten up by three Marines! After they mopped up the fight, I walked straight towards them and asked them where I could sign up to learn what they did.

SN: What happened then?

D: They asked me to show them what I knew, and the next thing I know one of them is attacking me! So, I went ninja on him.

SN: And…?

D: We were pretty evenly matched. They showed me where I could join up and a few days later I was in Basic Training. That’s where I met Vermaculin and Sueasider. Then we underwent some intense training for a special assignment and that’s how we met Daddyway. He was put in charge of our team.

SN: Wow.

D: Yeah, I know, crazy right?

SN: So what was your reaction when you met the girls?

D: Well, when I first saw Pariah I was ready to flip behind a crate and get out of her line of sight. Her gun, Snipe, is a scary weapon!

SN: Yeah, it is pretty awesome, isn’t it?

D: Yeh!

SN: Okay, so I have a question from one of your biggest fans–

D: Dude, I got fans?!??? Why didn’t you tell me????

SN: Like I said earlier, you’re hard to track down. Anyways, it’s a boy named Zach from Illinois. He says, “Dude, what’s your specialty? Demolitions, weapons, or what?”

D: Well, Zach, I’m pretty good at recalibrating weapons, and I love blowing stuff up, but my real specialty is actually in the kitchen.

SN: As in, baking?

D: Yeah. I am a culinary arts master! And I’m pretty good at making poisons, different formulas for bombs, and such like.

SN: So you could pretty much create an atom bomb with a few spices and a pair of Tigress’s socks?

D: In a manner of speaking, yes. But I would just need Tigress’s socks to make a stinkbomb.

SN: There’s one more thing I want to ask you.

D: ‘Kay.

SN: Do you think that Zeta Squad has any chance at wiping out the Abominations? 

D: *nodding happily* Totally! They are going dooowwwnnn!

SN: Well, thanks for letting me interview you!

D: No prob! See you later! 

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Character Interview: Lara Mckillan

Sonya: Hey Lara, what’s up?

Lara: Not much. Pretty busy at the farm. The kids are a bit of a handful, but I wouldn’t trade this for the world.

S: So, you’re Garn’s sister. What was it like growing up with him?

L: Well, he’s my big brother. We had some pretty good times, just kicking back in the fields after the Harvest, looking up at the clouds… And of course we had our bad times where we would fight, and when I say fight, I mean legit fight. Fists of fury flew. I usually won, though.

S: Wow. That’s awesome. So, what’s a day in the life of Lara?

L: It’s interesting. Most of the kids are really young orphans under the age of ten. We take care of each other. Onera is, well, a bit different, but it doesn’t stop them from trying to include her in their games. With the exception of stopping a natural disaster or two, and making the machines work, and her tendancy to act way older sometimes, and her strange abilities, she’s a normal little four-year-old.

S: So Onera is an extremely talented child. What did you first think about her when you took her in?

L: Oh goodness. Well, at first I thought, ‘Oh man, what did I get myself into?’ when her special abilities first surfaced. But she’s so sweet, I couldn’t help but love her. And Keigan is a huge help.

S: What’s the story on Keigan? He seems kind of quiet.

L: Yeah, he is. But you’ll have to get the answers out of him. He’s only told me what everybody else already knows.

S: Okay, I’ll remember that. Lara, what was your reaction when Garn signed up for the military?

L: I was a little scared. I didn’t know if I could keep the farm running without his help, and I didn’t want him to go MIA or even worse, KIA. But he’s definitely stronger than that, so I know I shouldn’t worry about him. And actually, it’s pretty easy without him. I miss him sometimes, but the kids and the farm keep me pretty occupied.

S: The kids are a big part of your life. Have you ever thought about getting married and having your own family?

L: Sure, I mean, what girl hasn’t? But there’ll be plenty of time for that later. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be a war hero who needs some wounds healed.

S: You’re a healer too?

L: I dabble. Speaking of which, Wren and Pol have slightly sore throats and I’d better be getting back to them!

S: Well, it was great talking to you, Lara! Thanks so much for the interview!

L: My pleasure!

S: Bye!

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Character Interview: Captain Garn Mckillan

Sonya: Hey, guys! I’m here with Garn Mckillan, one of the fifteen members of Zeta Squad, and he’s agreed to let me interview him! So, Garn, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Garn: Well, I’m kinda quiet sometimes, love video games, my favorite gun is a pistol, and I’m probably the only person who’s ever gotten close to wearing Pariah down in a fight!

S: Cool! So, what’s your favorite thing to do when you have some downtime?

G: Well, I like to read old legit books. You know, the ones with paper and hard covers? There aren’t very many of them left, maybe a few hundred thousand. They’ve all been converted to digital form, but there’s just nothing like opening a real book!

S: Definitely. Can you please explain to us why you’re the only person who seems to be able to last longer than 20.03 seconds in the ring with Pariah?

G: Oh man. So, Pariah is an exceptionally good clone. Her reflexes are insanely fast, and she’s insanely strong, due to some intense muscle and genetic bio-augmentation. The ony thing I’ve ever gotten that’s even remotely close to the operations and implants she’s had to go through is when I was in the medbay after Pariah saved me after I fought off a big mother-lode of Abominations.

S: So how is it possible that you can actually wear her down? I know for a fact that she doesn’t go easy on you.

G: I think it has something to do with the food I ate as I was growing up. Me and Lara’s farm is surrounded by this huge forcefield that keeps us from being attacked by pirates that would steal our crops and also gives off a funnny energy into the soil while the seeds are growing. I guess when we eat the food it gives us some crazy-weird side-effects, including our own ultra-accelerated reflexes and strength. If I had thought about it before I joined up with the military then I would’ve done some experiments on it!

S: You wanted to be a scientist before you signed up with the military?

G: Yeah, actually. But there are too many scientists already, trying to make sure that the ecosystem of Earth is stable, and money was a bit tight so I couldn’t exactly go to college for it. Military was my next choice.

S: Wow. The things I learn about you when I actually sit down and have a conversation with you.

G: Yeah, crazy, right?

S: Why did you decide to join the military?

G: Well, my dad joined the military when I was ten, and then he went MIA. Then my mom died. When Lara turned 13 she could take care of herself, so I decided to join up.

S: Interesting. Oh, by the way, when you first met up with Pariah, why exactly did you do what you did? And if you can handle almost anything, including her driving and the Abominations, why didn’t you just make your way on foot towards the base?

G: Oh boy. So, I was in a hovercar, by myself, auto-pilot on, pre-programmed coordinates taking me to the base, when what do you know? The nav-computer went out! Next thing I know, the rest of the ‘car begins to malfunction and gets ready to blow. It’s not quite surprising, that thing was extremely old! Should’ve been tossed into the junk heap long ago. Anyway, I escaped with my life and a few provisions, including that distress beacon. I turned it on and camped out for a while, because not only did they not give me a map, or a compass, they safe-locked the coordinates so I couldn’t even see them! That is why I had to sit tight and hope that somebody came to help. Then, Pariah came and, well, you know the rest.

S: Ah. I see now. So, what do you think of Zeta Squad?

G: They are a very interesting bunch of people. They’re all like one big, odd, thrown-together family. And i’ve got to say, ‘No man left behind’ is the best motto ever. I’m really glad that they actually enforce it too, or I wouldn’t be here!

S: What do you think of the new additions that were made to Zeta? Do you like having Daddyway, Dude, Sueasider and Vermaculin around?

G:Of course I do! Daddyway is like a second dad. Dude’s name is so easy to remember, which is awesome, and even though Sueasider and Vermaculin’s jokes can get a bit annoying, they’re still awesome bros.

S: This is my last question: What do you think is gonna happen in the future?

G: I honestly don’t know. But I do know this: No matter what, the Abominations will be stopped. We’ll see to that. I don’t want anyone else to die.

S: What if they can’t be stopped?

G: I thought you said that that was your last question?

S: Sorry. But seriously though, what if they just can’t be stopped?

G: They will. Believe, we, Zeta Squad, will find a way to stop them. No matter what.

*odd beeping noise coming from Garn’s belt*

*Garn pulls out communicating device*

G: Garn here.

Pariah: We’ve got another mission.

G: Roger that. Sorry, gotta go, duty calls!

S: See ya later! Bye!

If you’re curious and want to find out more about Garn and Zeta Squad and the Abominations, read the books (they’re available in ebook form on {links: and} and paperback on CreateSpace {link:}) and follow my blog! 🙂 I promise you, it’ll be an epic journey that will keep you laughing and on the edge of your seat, wondering what happens next!

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Calling all fans of the Clones Saga!!!!!!

Hey, people, I’m going to start doing character interviews of some of the people in my books!!!!! Please comment below on which character you want me to interview the most and add any quistions that you want to know about them!!!! Thanks!!!!

Love you guys!!!!!



New book!!!!!


So I finally published the second book in my series, the Clones Saga in ebook form!!!! It’s called We Fight Together, and it’s, of course, about Pariah and her friends and their on-going battle against the Abominations!!!! It’s $.99 so it’s REALLY CHEAP and you can also get your very own PAPERBACK VERSION of the book if you follow this link:
And one more thing…SUPER excited about the upcoming books I’ve got! I REALLY hope you enjoy them!!!
Sonya Noble, Pariah and the rest of the gang 🙂

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Something Powerful

I recently watched a skit called “Everything,” done by some of the UPC Youth of Minnesota for a teen drug rehab facility. I nearly started crying when I watched it!

It doesn’t matter what you’re going through or what you’ve done, you can still go to God and He will show you the way home.
Hebrews 13:5: “…he said, I will never leave the nor forsake thee.” Um, if I’m reading this correctly, then that means that God’s with you all the time, waiting for you to get down on your knees and ask him for help! Whether you’re in a bad relationship or into drugs and alcohol, or ready to commit suicide, He can help you! He’ll get you out of whatever situation you’re in no matter how hard it seems! You may have to wait and be persistent, but He’ll never let you down and He’ll always be there.

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